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Frozen Yogurt and another grocery store run

June 11th, 2014 at 03:01 am

We walked a mile and a half to the frozen yogurt place after dinner tonight and spent just under $10. There are two (actually three, but we never go to the third one) within walking distance of us. DD chose the one that is farther away. Let me tell you about these places. They are pure evil.

You serve yourself. They have 16 flavors at any given time, which rotate out frequently. They have massive topping bars with just about anything you can imagine. And you pay by the oz. But what really makes these places evil is that their smallest cup holds like 24 ounces. Sure, you can just not fill it up all the way, but 4 oz. of yogurt just looks sad in a cup that big.

And one of the yogurt shops is a block from my work. And I have to walk by it going to and from work. They have the door propped open now that it's summer, and I can smell the waffle bowls cooking from the sidewalk. I never even get the waffle bowls, and don't really like them, but the smell is like a siren song. If I can keep my visits to once a week or less I am happy. And when DD is here I feel guilty going without her, so it's slightly easier during those times.

I also stopped at the store on the way back and got bread, a canister of oats, some packets of the store brand version of Splenda for DH, a head of lettuce, a roll of tin foil, and sandwich bags, which cost a total of $17.10.

Tomorrow I decided to be on call for work at the airport. Which basically means I will only have to go in if someone from one of the evening shifts calls in sick. I don't really want to go in, so I'm crossing my fingers. I do chair massage at the airport in addition to working 4 days a week at a massage studio in my neighborhood. I don't have any regular shifts there by choice. I just work as a sub. So that means I may work anywhere from zero days to three days in any given week. Most of the shifts I work are vacation coverage and are scheduled a month or so in advance. Once in a while I'll just be on call though. It's like I'm willing to work if needed, but don't really want to that much.

In the morning I am doing a 90 minute massage for a coworker at the massage studio (I get my half of the trade next week), and then after that I have no solid plans, just in case, but hope to make carrot muffins.

1 Responses to “Frozen Yogurt and another grocery store run”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    There will soon be a frozen yogurt pay-by-the-ounce place in the strip mall I walk past every day. I'm excited! But I will heed your warning to watch how much I put in the bowl.

    I was also very excited when a pie place opened up six months ago, but I have only bought pie twice. So I'm not afraid I'll overuse the yogurt place either.

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