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The cupboards are getting bare

June 10th, 2014 at 11:03 am

Or maybe it just seems that way. There was no more bread this morning, so I brought hummus, crackers, and a salad for lunch. I had the rest of yesterday's oatmeal for breakfast. DD had cereal, and is planning to finish off some baked beans and chicken sausage for lunch.

Tonight I am making teriyaki chicken and vegetables with some soba noodles I found hiding under a package of spaghetti.

We are planning to go for frozen yogurt one more time tonight before DD heads back to her dad's, which is right by the store. I'll get more bread and lettuce afterward. I think on Friday I will do a new inventory of what we have. It helps me meal plan by prioritizing whatever needs to be used up.

2 Responses to “The cupboards are getting bare”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good on you making up meals or meal plan based on what's a;ready in the pantry and fridge. I recently did a pantry inventory and swhich revealed several packaged dried items like navy beans, kidney beans, barley, lentils and dehydrated vegetables, It's so easy to drop a cup of one of the dehydrated items + vegetables, water and appropriate spices We're eating 'ethnic' using very little meat fast, easy, cheap. I need to use up bananas frozen over winter and frozen blueberries bought on sale months ago. I planned to make banana bread and blueberry muffins but DH prefers Smoothies for his evening treat...easy peasy.

  2. hamchan Says:

    I used to try meal planning based on what was in the sale circular, but that never worked well for me. As long as I plan around what we already have I find that I spend so much less, and waste less too. We can't get away with too many fully meatless meals, due to DH's many many dietary requirements, but we also have to limit meat consumption, so it sort of works out.

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