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Good dinner tonight

June 8th, 2014 at 10:32 pm

I bought a 2 lb Field Roast maybe two months ago when they were on sale for $10, and cut it into thirds and froze it. We had the last third tonight with carrots and potatoes roasted in olive oil and pepper. Field Roast is made locally, like less than a mile from where we live, so you can find it at pretty much any store in the area, but it can be spendy. It is a vegetarian roast made with gluten, lentils, and seasonings. It's a favorite of everyone in our home. We have one pretty much every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I woke up pretty late this morning so I skipped breakfast, but I had a big lunch at work with a large apple, a tablespoon of natural PB, and a turkey pastrami and cheese sandwich.

After work I stopped at the store and spent $5 on a carton of ice cream and a bottle of goat's milk caramel syrup. The goat's milk caramel is really good. It has lots of calcium in it too.

I think tomorrow I will make caramel apple oatmeal for breakfast, using the last apple and some of the goat's milk caramel. I am off work tomorrow, and we are planning to go for a long walk, and DD wants Subway for lunch. I have some buy one get one free coupons, so it shouldn't be too bad. I need to hang some shelves in DD's room. And for dinner I am planning to make a pizza, which I have never done from scratch before. I've used pre-made crusts, but never made my own. I think this might even be the first time I've ever made anything with yeast.

2 Responses to “Good dinner tonight”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    We love the Field Roast frankfurters! At our co-op it's $7 per package for I believe 6 franks, so we only have it occasionally as a treat. Yes, hot dog night at our home is considered a decadent indulgence and is one of the more expensive meals we have. Wink

  2. hamchan Says:

    Yes, it's usually just holiday food for us unless I happen upon a really good deal. Their sausages and cold cuts are pretty amazing too. I thought the meatloaf was only ok though.

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