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So dang hungry today

June 6th, 2014 at 03:21 pm

I had oatmeal with canned pears for breakfast, which usually sticks with me pretty well, but not today. The tuna sandwich and dried cranberries I brought for lunch just weren't enough. I wasn't planning on buying any food today, but I wasn't going to last till dinner on that.

I work just two blocks from a big grocery store though, so when I took a break to deposit my paycheck I also bought a banana and a few tablespoons of fresh ground peanut butter, for about 75 cents for both. I also saw bags of slightly blemished apples, three for 99 cents, so I bought a bag. I only ate half the peanut butter, so tomorrow I will bring an apple and have the rest of the peanut butter with it.

I need to figure out dinners for next week because I have to pick up a few things tomorrow after work, and it would be great to get it all in one shot.

Tonight is baked beans, chicken sausage, and salad. I have everything I need for that. Tomorrow is shell pasta with tuna and cheese sauce, and salad. I just need half and half for the cheese sauce. Sunday is field roast with roasted carrots and potatoes, so I will need carrots and potatoes. I might get pre bagged carrots, since they cost a little less that way. And I can make oatmeal carrot muffins.

I am off Monday, so I was thinking I might make a pizza. I have flour, yeast, olive oil, cheese, tomato sauce, seasonings. I can pick up a can of sliced olives and bell pepper, since that is what DD likes. Tuesday I can do chicken stir fry with carrots, bamboo shoots and the rest of the bell pepper, with brown rice. I have everything I need to throw together a sauce too. Wednesday I work late again, so we can do leftovers.

So I will need to pick up half and half, a can of olives, a bag of carrots, a couple small potatoes, and a bell pepper. I'll see if we're running low on anything else. I think we might be nearing the end of this bag of frozen chicken, so I should see if it's on sale.

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