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DD gets here soon!

June 3rd, 2014 at 10:06 am

I am on the train right now to pick her up from the airport.

DH has been going through a bad patch healthwise. He is constantly exhausted but has trouble sleeping. He has lost 40 lbs since January. Last night he wasn't hungry, so I just had leftover spaghetti instead of cooking. I also threw together some ingredients I had on hand and made some lemon cookies. I used powdered sugar instead of granular, and coconut oil instead of butter. They are very light and crispy.

2 Responses to “DD gets here soon!”

  1. korihor69 Says:

    Not to be an alarmist but 3 years ago I had the same issues. I lost 60 lbs. Couldn't eat and wasn't hungry. I couldn't sleep and was always tired. I needed a health checkup for my driver's lis. The doctor drew blood and discovered I was anemic HGB was 4.7 should have been (14.0 - 17). I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. Results were stage IIIB colon cancer. I was operated on for a bowel resection and had followup chemo for six months. it's been 2 years since last treatment and followup tests are all looking great, I have to take it one day at a time.

    One side effect of the low HGB and iron was my insatiable desire to chew ice, an internal medicine doctor asked me that question.

  2. hamchan Says:

    He has stage 4 kidney disease, so his symptoms aren't particularly unusual for that. It's just an unfortunate reality.

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