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Yesterday was a bit of a bust

June 1st, 2014 at 07:51 am

I was off to a good start. I had leftover black beans with cheese and a fried egg for breakfast, and took a Greek yogurt, two muffins, and a banana to work with me.

However we went to a friend's last night after I got off work, and I found out too late they were not planning on serving food there. Initially we were just going to bring some snacks, so DH picked up chips, guacamole, hummus, and carrots at the store. But by the time we walked downtown to catch our bus to West Seattle it was already after 8, so I decided at the last minute to stop at the McDonald's by the bus stop and spent $7 as I was already very hungry.

DH had also gone to the store earlier in the day to buy tuna. He saw some for $1.00 a can, and bought ten. When he went back later to pick up the snacks he saw a different brand for .50 a can, and bought ten more cans, plus an energy drink. Sigh. So altogether he spent just over $25 at the grocery store. But at least we have 20 cans of tuna to show for it, I guess. And all the snacks he bought were on sale at least. I'm just glad he rarely goes grocery shopping alone.

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